Mad about you

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     This sweet sitcom about family relationships was one of the most popular in 90’s; this TV-show is perfect choice for your evenings and weekends. This story about real people and real love, nice comedy about usual things and usual family. Just married couple that just started their live together. For Paul and Jaime all this it’s completely whole new world and their really try to make this marriage work. Mad about you is a wonderful TV-show that will make you believe in real love and friendship. Every episode has funny jokes, ironical situations and heartbroken moments. Buy Mad about you complete TV series DVD collection and watch it when you feel lonely or just have a bad mood. This TV-show will make your life a little bit better.

     This sitcom is about the fairly ordinary daily lives of a young couple of New Yorkers, too-nice-for-his-own-good filmmaker Paul Buchman and his assertive partner Jamie Stemple Buchman. They have many people and close friends that always do everything to help them. Who are almost constantly (working up to) bickering and making up with each-other and just about anybody else, notably his parents and siblings, her sister, their colleagues, friends, superintendent and neighbors, psychotherapist, all kinds of staff, customers, officials, bystanders etc., even their dog Murray and his dog-walker. By the way, Murray twice was voted as the most popular TV dog in American society. Buy Mad about you complete DVD box set and you will be an owner of amazing comedy TV-show with elements of drama. This fabulous TV-show will be one of your favorite.

     This sitcom will teach you some important things about marriage and family. Our main heroes are very interesting and sweet people that sometimes fight, but no matter what happened love each other. Story about kind and true love in our savage time. Mad about you is a magnificent TV-show for people of all ages and genders, for people who can appreciate it. Mad about you DVD box set, also a wonderful present for your closest people. The relationships of Paul and Jamie Buchman is very fascinating thing, many different situations that will make you laugh, cry and believe in the happy end. This romantic comedy is one of the most famous TV-shows in American cinematography history. Mad about you has won a Golden Globe and five Emmy Awards and this is just the most important prizes. Buy Mad about you complete TV series DVD box set and this will be the star of your home DVD collection. The sweeties show ever, for everyone, hilarious comedy that is tells about serious life things. This high-quality DVD box set consist of seven seasons, one hundred sixty-four episodes on fourteen DVDs. Mad about you is a perfect choice, we hope you will like it like we do.

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