Dynasty - Complete Series DvD

  • Number Of Seasons: 9

  • Number Of Episodes: 220

  • Package: 54 DVD Boxed Set

  • Category: Drama

  • Format: Full Screen

  • Audio Track: English

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Do you like dramas TV-shows? If your answer, is yes, that DVD collection without any doubts for you. Dynasty is an iconic TV-show for whole family that has everything that should have good romantic drama. Mystery, intrigue, and unexpected turns surround the Carrington family. The Carrington family includes a variety of characters that are so different and interesting each from the Carrington’s family is an extraordinary person. Buy Dynasty complete series DVD collection that will make your life more interesting.

Dynasty is a perfect choice for people who really appreciate good entertaining dramas. While Blake Carrington, the father and patriarch of the family is a conservative with very traditional world view. Adam is one of his sons who has been kidnapped and his life not so easy like it should to be. Fallon is an oldest daughter and a spoilt kid who wants the world her way. Steven is the one who frustrates his dad the most. Because he is openly gay and has had relations with other man that make, his dad upset.  Dynasty was the first show in the world television, which has homosexual character like one of the main characters. Buy Dynasty DVD box set and watch this wonderful series with friends and members of your family.

In addition, Dynasty has great main women characters, which gossip around; make some bad things to each other and betrayed. Blake is currently married to Krystle who is his former secretary. Leaving your wife for the secretary is never a good idea. His ex-wife, Alexis, shows up in the television show to add even more drama. Alexis has so many last names that you are left wondering how many times she has been married and which one is actually her maiden name. It isn’t hard to imagine that the two main Dynasty women don’t like each other. Throughout the series, Alexis and Krystle fight to varying degrees. Some of the fights are just verbal but there is a fair amount of catfights. There are even episodes where it is suspected that one of them tried to kill the other. Alexis also has a secret of her own. She is hiding Blake’s daughter Amanda. Buy Dynasty complete TV series and spend hours in good company of this terrific soup opera.

The cast of Dynasty was well chosen and contained many people who continued to perform in other great television shows and movies. Dynasty was such an amazing television show because the main idea of the DVD box set is so fascinating. Really, wealth family that also has problems, fights and hurt moments. Every day you could sit down knowing what will be in the next episode and where the end. But you will like it like a millions of fans all around the world You would also get new problems and family drama every day. Drama that would end when you turned off the television. Buy Dynasty complete edition DVD box set and your drama will never end.

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