I Love Lucy  DVD

  • Number Of Episodes: All 194 Uncut Episodes

  • Number Of Seasons: The Complete Series, All 6 Seasons

  • Package: 34 DVD Box Set

  • Category: Comedy

  • Format: Full Screen

  • Audio Track: English

  • Compatibility: Region 1,2 and 4 ONLY

  • Condition: Brand new & factory sealed

     This magnificent comedy really one of the most popular and fascinating TV-show in American cinematography. Original sense of humor, amazing plot and charming characters will make your rest something very special. Comedy that will change your attitude to sitcoms and easy-going TV-shows, because I love Lucy is legendary TV-show that will make laugh you anyway. This comedy TV-show is perfect choice without any doubts, it’s unique, charming and absolutely stunning. Amazing story about amazing woman and this extraordinary TV-show will be your favorite TV-show. Buy I love Lucy complete DVD collection and watch this wonderful DVD box set with your close friends and relatives.

Easily the most beloved series in the history of television, I love Lucy is a timeless milestone classic, which will never be equaled. Lucy wants to be a performer in any arena but it is all Ricky can do to keep her off the stage of the local nightclub.  Ricky wants Lucy to be a simple housewife with no performing aspirations. With dreams of grandeur though Lucy isn’t about to be oppressed.  Many of her attempts to find stardom end in Lucy finding herself in the zaniest situations. The casting is perfection personified: Ball's attractiveness, grace, vigor & timing are impeccable. Bill Frawley and Vivian Vance seemed to BE Fred and Ethel Mertz: who else could play these loveable characters as memorably effective as they? Talk about inspired casting! The chemistry between the four is more than amazing: it's phenomenal. Story about true love and dreams, kind and sensitive comedy with elements of drama. Buy I love Lucy complete edition DVD box set also will be wonderful present for close people. This hilarious TV-show is the best choice without any doubts.

The more you watch I Love Lucy DVD Box Set the more you will fall in love with the characters.  You will notice little things that you have noticed before and relive all of best of American Sitcom.  Everyone should watch I Love Lucy at least once in their life.  Watched now I Love Lucy brings you back to a simpler time, one without household computers and cellphones. One where people had true entertainment. I love Lucy is a pure humor with quality jokes and extraordinary way of thinking. The main characters are absolutely stunning, they are cute, sweet, nice and funny with wonderful sense of humor. Buy I love Lucy TV-show and you will be new fan of this gorgeous TV-show. Make order and you will get this magnificent DVD box set for your own home DVD collection. Buy I love Lucy TV-show, because it’s really worth it every hour and dollar that you spend on it. You will love I love Lucy, because it’s so unique and wonderful.

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