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  •      This unbelievable story is unique phenomenon in American history of spy TV-shows. Millions of people all around the world prefer this spy TV-show between other. It takes a Thief is an amazing TV series with extraordinary plot, interesting decisions and unusual cases. Such detective story will be fascinating for different ages and gender. TV-series of this genre is always very popular and have high ratings, but It takes a Thief without any doubts a star of several decades. Buy It takes a Thief complete TV series DVD box set and look after wonderful characters and their unexpected adventures.

         Alexander Mundy - smooth, suave, sophisticated - is the world's greatest cat burglar. Finally arrested after years of pilfering, he strikes a deal with American agent Noah Bain: a full pardon if Mundy agrees to use his skills to steal for the SIA, an American espionage agency. Technically, under house arrest, Mundy travels all over the world performing daring acts of thievery in the name of Uncle Sam. This story about man that tries to change his life. Mundy wants to be a better man for his country and close people.

         Main hero is really extraordinary person for police (spy) TV-shows, because of his past in the criminal world, he is professional burglar extremely talented in this business, that’s why government decided to use this guy with benefit for society. Every episode is fascinating and dangerous adventures with unexpected turns. His life a difficult game but he knows how to play. It takes a Thief terrific TV series with magnificent elements of comedy, drama and thriller. This TV-show has a legend status between action TV-shows. Buy It takes a Thief complete series DVD collection is perfect choice for fans of detective and action genres. This DVD box set will be one of your favorite TV series of all times.

         It takes a Thief wonderful TV-series with unique style, amazing plot and terrific and extremely talented cast. Every single episode is masterpiece of detective and adventures cinematography art. It takes a Thief a father of more than ten detective series such as Castle, Bones and many others. During many years this TV-show make our lives a little bit better and interesting, It takes a Thief has many sides and all of them are positive. Buy It takes a Thief complete series DVD box set and you will get 3 seasons, 66 episodes, spend your time in company of this amazing TV series.

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