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  • Number Of Seasons: The Complete Series, 2 seasons
  • Number Of Episodes: All 51 Uncut Episodes
  • Package: 18 DVD Box Set
  • Category: Sci - Fi
  • Format: Full Screen
  • Audio Track: English
  • Compartibility: Region 1, Region 2 and Region 4
  • Condition: Brand new

Property of the Giants was an hour-long American research fiction television plan lasting two seasons starting on September 22, 1968 and closing on March 22, 1970. The display was created and made by Irwin Allen. Property of the Giants was the 4th of Allen's research fiction Television series. The display was aired on ABC and released by 20th Century Fox Television. The series was filmed in color and ran for 51 episodes entirely. The show starred Gary Don and Conway Marshall. Writer Murray Leinster also wrote three novels in 1968 and 1969 in line with the television series.Property of the Giants DVD

It is unquestionably that Property of the Giants Dvd movie set holds true discovery for common sci-fi series fans.

The series will keep you bored. Immediately, you immerse into breathtaking deep space adventures. The tale tells us about sub-orbital spaceship “Spindrift”. During ordinary path it faces mystical space storm and materializes near very strange world. Everything there's gigantic, like the inhabitants. Regrettably, the spaceship crashes on earth and is apparently unrepairable. The crew users and travellers become trapped. They need to figure out how to survive and coexist with mainly unfriendly and hostile indigenous population whom they contact Giants. The humanoids on earth are twelve times bigger than humans. Certainly, structures, vehicles, household furniture are gigantic as well. Luckily, Earth systems are superior, human being spacemen are brave, wise, and united. Many episodes narrate about conserving captured crew users or producing unions with specific friendly Giants. Addictive story outswings extremely, dangerous environment, fight for survival are simply just several attractions this amazing series can offer.

Using its unusual setting and storyline, excellent actor play and record budget per episode in those days (250000$), The Land of Giants is certainly perfect choice for individuals who like genuine science fiction. It features unbelievable for that point but still looking impressive visible effects, camera tricks, and tremendous realistic props that experienced the watching target audience believe they were viewing seven spacemen unintentionally trapped on a deadly world, where everything was huge enormously. The series hasn’t dropped its charm and continues to be well remembered by anyone who has noticed it during its initial run. Unquestionably the Property of Giants can simply compete with such excellent sci-fi hits as “Superstar Trek” that was on the surroundings at that time, “Shed in Space”, and “Period Tunnel”. The original group of “Property of the Giants” is certainly highly entertaining Television show that has all the features that produced its creator Irwin Allen productions therefore world-wide popular. This fantastic tale catches your attention, makes you your investment time and is a large amount of fun basically.

The DVD set presents full two Periods of 51 episodes in best video and audio quality possible.

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