Magnum, P.I. The Complete Series

  • Number Of Seasons: The Complete 8 Seasons

  • Number Of Discs: 42

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     The adventures of a Hawaii based private investigator. This amazing and charming man will make you love detective TV-shows more. This iconic TV series is very special and fascinating watching for whole family that will make you laugh all the time. Magnum, P.I. TV-show is very interesting and quality detective story with elements of comedy and drama. This guy was a sex-symbol of 80’s in America, this extraordinary and handsome Thomas Magnum, who is so charming. Our main hero and his team investigate different crimes in Oahu, Hawaii in his own investigation agency. Magnum is a little bit careless and womanizer, but still a good man. Buy Magnum, P.I. complete TV series DVD collection and watch this excellent TV-show with relatives and friends on your weekends and holidays.

     Thomas Sullivan Magnum, IV is an ex-Navy "NIA" (ONI) Captain and Vietnam Special Ops veteran who resigned his commission at age 33 because he never got to be 23. On the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, Magnum is a P.I. who enjoys life, his buddies and friends and who works just hard enough to keep it real. He lives in the guesthouse of a very wealthy man Robin Masters, who is the never-seen bestselling author of lurid novels. In addition, he drives a fancy retro car that so beautiful. Buy Magnum, P.I. complete DVD collection for yourself or for your close people because it will be a nice present, this TV-show is really good.

     You will love the main character, because he is hilarious, sweet, sexy and has some special skills in investigation. Magnum good in everything that connected with detective work like, he is a very good shot, fighter and has amazing intuition. His friends are support him very much, that why they help him investigate different crimes. Rick, T.C. and Higgins are loyal friends of Magnum and they really try to protect him from partying lifestyle. This TV-show can teach you a lot about human lives, every episode it’s absolutely new story with new characters and their problems. Whole array of feelings that will make you laugh, cry and worry about main characters. Buy Magnum, P.I. complete edition TV series DVD box set, believe it worth every dollar and hour that you spend on it.

     Magnum, P.I. is very special TV series about extraordinary private investigator that has his own unique ways of investigations. Thomas Magnum one of the most popular TV detectives in American pop-culture history. Army of fans that watch this TV-show unstoppable is quite impressive. Buy Magnum, P.I. DVD box set, which consist of eight seasons, one hundred sixty-two episodes on forty-two DVDs. Solve crimes together with handsome and charming Thomas Magnum.

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