Miami Vice  Collection

  • Actors: Don Johnson, Philip Michael Thomas, Michael Talbot, Olivia Brown

  • Seasons: Miami Vice All 111 Episodes

  • Package: Miami Vice DVD Box Set

  • Category: Action | Drama

  • Format: Full Screen

  • Audio Track: English

  • Optional Subtitles: English, Spanish

  • Condition: Brand new

     Extraordinary and extremely interesting TV-show about brave and amazing people with special methods of investigation. These guys are so cool and handsome that you will love them without any doubts. Miami Vice TV-show is one of the greatest entertaining criminal drama, which has a huge army of fans. This iconic TV-show is perfect choice for people, who like quality detective stories. Charismatic and charming main heroes, amazing plot and unexpected turns make this series one of the most popular in American pop-culture. Buy Miami Vice complete series DVD box set and you will get a high-quality DVD collection that will make your rest much more entertaining.

     Resplendent with authentic 1980's music, fashion and vibe, "Miami Vice" follows two undercover detectives and their extended team through the mean streets of Miami. Stubble-faced detective Crockett lived in a sailboat and has very unusual best friend pet alligator Elvis. His partner Tubbs was Afro-American New York cop looking for his brother's killer. Together they took on the Florida drug world. The show influenced men's fashions toward Italy-casual and interior decor toward the Miami look. Very trendy music and unusual guest performers. Buy Miami Vice complete edition DVD collection and watch this fabulous TV series with friends and relatives.

     This fascinating TV-show with magnificent atmosphere of endless summer and happiness of Miami 80s. Beautiful soundtracks that still popular and really nice, 80’s is a magical time and Miami Vice is wonderful example of this era. Fancy cars, handsome police officers and beautiful ladies all this and extremely fascinating crimes you can find in this fabulous TV-show. Every episode is tells about crimes that focus on murders, drug traffic, firearms traffic and much more. Crockett and Tubbs are so unique duo that will make your laugh, cry and feel even much more. Buy Miami Vice DVD box set and this wonderful item will be one of your favorite detective TV-shows for all times.

     Miami Vice is an incredible TV series that has an iconic status between American detective shows, with amazing plot and talented actors. You will love it without any doubts, because this TV-show has everything that should have good detective story interesting plot, amazing screenplay and wonderful atmosphere. Buy Miami Vice complete collection DVD box set and you will be an owner of wonderful DVD collection, which consist of five seasons, one hundred twelve episodes on twenty-seven DVDs. Make an order in our store and get this magnificent TV-show for yourself.

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