Third Watch The Complete 6 Seasons

  • Number Of Seasons: The Complete 6 Seasons

  • Number Of Episodes: All 132 Uncut Episodes

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Third Watch is a crime-based drama and an original American series initially aired from 23 September, 1999 to 29 April, 2005 on NBC. The series consists of 132 episodes, divided in six seasons with each season consisting of 22 episodes. The atmosphere, main characters and many others will impress you deeply. Third Watch achieved six awards for its acting, sound using, representing the realism of daily life amongst the known users of civil services, outstanding visual results and direction. The series is full of action and features a fast paced story which adds a spice of love and hate. Buy Third Watch complete DVD collection and you will fall in love with this amazing TV series.

Third Watch tells the story of the members of 55th Precinct, a team of firefighters, police, and paramedics as well as the FDNY Squad 100/Battalion 55/Ladder 24 firehouse who worked during a shift between 3pm to 12am called the "third watch". They not only worked fearlessly to protect the citizens but also promoted peace in New York City. Third Watch DVD collection is that you need without any doubts.

The fire station and precinct were situated on the corner of Arthur Street and King Boulevard; therefore the name "Camelot". Exterior and interior scenes of the Firehouse and the 55th Precinct were recorded in Queens, Long Island City, even though both locations in the show were located someplace between the midtown, and Bronx, and Inwood in Manhattan. The show succeeded in portraying all three divisions of emergency services of NYC in the same show. The show successfully blended various single-episode events with many other ongoing storylines that spanned multiple seasons. Despite the fact that the show gained positive feedback and won an award for its honest and emotional representation of 9/11 incident and its aftermath, it was also criticized for its extensive profane language and detailed violence. Buy Third Watch TV show and spend your free time in company of this amazing TV series.

In the spring of 2005, NBC decided to make the sixth season its last. The final episode of the series named "Goodbye to Camelot" was aired on 6 May, 2005 in the United States. Numerous major newspapers, as well as the Bergen Record and the New York Times listed it as a show that was canceled too soon.

Third Watch was created, compiled, and produced by Wells Allen Bernero and John Edward. The series is amongst the most genuine shows concerning the detrimental assistance professions. The creators of the show did an amazing job presenting to the market a mix of firefighters, paramedics, and police, and all other human areas of life, for example, passion, loyalty, friendship, etc. By purchasing Third Watch complete series in one Box Set, you’ll be able to discover everything from the beginning to the end and experience a remarkable rollercoaster trip of action, emotions, and danger. Third Watch Box Set consists of 24 DVDs and includes complete 6 seasons with all 132 uncut full-length episodes, allowing you to enjoy the show to the fullest. Buy Third Watch DVD collection and you will love the characters, atmosphere and everything else, for sure you will love it.

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