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        Do you like cowboys, horse and dangerous adventures? If your answer is “yes” it means that you a fan of western genre. This old school and fascinating genre main choice for thousands of people all around the globe. Western is absolutely different and unique genre, that telling about brave man and woman that live in the Wild West, build their own lives and fight with dangerous bandits. Movies and TV-shows of this genre are very interesting and have some specific features like gun shooting, horse’s races and brave sheriffs that protect their lands from criminals. The spirit of the Western movies.

        These TV-shows are extremely popular and fascinating especially for people, who love old-school TV-shows and like romantic cowboy stories. Western is not for everyone, it’s only for people who can appreciate it. For admirers of this genre world is much interesting than for other. Western has his own unique style and without doubts, it’s one of the basic genres in American cinematography history.

        Most popular Western TV-shows of all times:

                 Zorro (1957) The Complete Series

        This story about brave and strong hero that during his life fights for justice. All his life is look like battle that never ends. This iconic TV-show is the first project of Disney Company that has so many episodes. In addition, Zorro was the first prototype of superhero and some people believe that Zorro character is the father of such great movies and TV-shows such as Superman, Batman and Spiderman. This valiant man is a symbol of justice for millions of people around the world.

        The Johnny Ringo - Complete Series

        Ex-gunfighter Johnny Ringo decided to came back home and became a new sheriff in Velardi, that’s Arizona Territory. His life full of dangerous situations and fights with criminals, he has his own code and rules. Johnny always knows what is right and what his people should do in hard life situations. This TV-show has an iconic status between series of this genre. The main character is really strong, confident and adult person, who can solve any problem. He is a wonderful friend and faithful ally, his life has a purpose make people’s life more safety and normal in the world of Wild West.

        Bronco - DVD Box Set

        ABC channel translated Bronco from 1958 to 1962, and this series was very popular. During many years, this TV-show was iconic example of western movie. Great classical actor Ty Hardin, who played Bronco, did it really amazing. His character is so strong and confident; he has his own code and rules. Purposes of this brave cowboy is quite clear, he wants to be protector of his district. The main hero of this TV-show is the icon between the fans of the western retro televisions programs.

        Grizzly Adams The Complete TV Series

        The story started when our main hero was blamed in murder. He does not kill anyone, he doesn’t do anything wrong, but his life is ruined and now he should hide. This brave man decided to go into the wood and mountains and build his life from the new sheet. Grizzly Adams is lonely and desperate in wild nature without friends, relatives and normal life, but these difficulties will not stop him. This just a start of one of the greatest adventures in American history. Grizzly is very funny and smart person, also he is a good hunter with the plan of actions.

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